Top Fastest Bowlers In The History Of IPL

fastest bowlers in IPL

The Indian Premier League has always been the fight between the best versus the best. It is about the best batsmen, the best bowlers, the best wicket-keepers, the best fielders, the best captains, and the best teams. In the course of these 15 seasons, the IPL has witnessed some of the best bowlers from India as well as the overseas cricket-playing nations, who have time and again proved their capabilities to perform on the big stage.

Most of the Indian pitches are batting-friendly. Hence, batsmen enjoy their time playing on the tracks in India. India has produced some of the world-class batsmen who define cricket, like, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Virender Sehwag, Rohit Sharma, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Even though Indian pitches have a record of appreciative batting, there have been bowlers who have proved that bowling is what drives the batsmen.

There have been some wonderful and note-worthy bowling attacks and figures from bowlers playing from different teams in the IPL. Fast bowlers are the driving force who bowl at the beginning, and at the death overs and control the majority of the bowling in a team’s innings.

From overseas fast bowlers to Indian fast bowlers, bowling is being taken to new heights in the IPL. From the millions of balls bowled ever since the commencement of the IPL, we bring you the fastest balls bowled by the fast bowlers in the History of the IPL.

1. Shaun Tait, Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi Daredevils, 7th Match of 2011

The 7th match of the 4th edition of the tournament brought in the fastest ball in the history of the IPL. Delhi invited themselves into a nightmare as they chose to bat first. Shaun Tait began with the ball for the Rajasthan Royals. It was just the first over of the innings, as on the fifth ball, he bowled a rocket at the speed of 157.7 Km/h to his Australian team companion Aaron Finch. The ball went outside off, and it was completely unplayable.

Shaun Tait playing against Delhi Daredevils
Image Source: India Fantasy

Shaun ended his spell with 4-0-39-2 as his figures, with the Royals winning the match with six wickets. The impeccable record still stands tall in the history of the fastest ball in the Indian Premier League.

2. Lokie Ferguson, Gujarat Titans vs Rajasthan Royals, Finals IPL 2022

Lokie Ferguson unlocked the second-highest fastest ball in the history of the IPL in the final match of the 15th edition of the tournament. Amid the anticipation of the Playoff final match, Lokie came in to bowl the 5th over. On the third delivery of the over, he bowled a delivery at the speed of 157.3 Kmph to Sanju Samson, which was driven for a four by the Royal’s Captain.

Lokie Ferguson playing for Gujarat Titans in the 15th edition of IPL
Image Source: Google

Lokie finished his spell with 3-0-22-0, and Gujarat Titans lifted their maiden title in their first appearance in the IPL.

3. Umran Malik, Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Capitals, 50th Match of 2022

Umran Malik celebrating a wicket
Image Source: Google

Umran Malik was set to break all records in this match. The 23 Year Old bowled back-to-back balls at the speed of over 153 Km/h in his spell. But his one ball made him the first Indian bowler to bowl the fastest ball in the history of IPL. His fastest ball came at the speed of 157 Kmph to the West Indies batsman Rovman Powell. Even though Delhi Capitals won the match, Umran Malik caught the attention of the audience.


The fast bowling attack on the Indian pitches has always had an interesting history. The Indian Premier League has always given the players an opportunity to showcase their talents time and time again on the big stage. We shall look forward to the performances of the players in the upcoming 16th edition of the tournament.


Q1. What is the speed of Shaun Tait’s fastest ball in the IPL?

Ans – Shaun Tait bowled the fastest ball in the IPL at a speed of 157.7 Kmph. He played for Rajasthan Royals while bowling against Delhi Daredevils.

Q2. What is the speed of Umran Malik’s fastest ball in the IPL?

Ans – Umran Malik has bowled the fastest ball in the IPL as an Indian at a speed of 157 Km/h. He played for Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2022 while bowling against Delhi Daredevils.

Q3. What is the speed of Lokie Ferguson’s fastest ball in the IPL?

Ans – Lokie Ferguson has bowled his fastest ball in the IPL at a pace of 157.3 Kmph. He played for Gujarat Titans in the Finals of the 15th edition of the IPL while bowling against Rajasthan Royals.

Q4. Is Umran Malik playing for the Indian Cricket Team?

Ans – The 23 Year Old Umran Malik has already made his debut for the Indian Cricket Team in T20 International and One-Day International.

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