What is a Trading Contest?

Do you want to test your cricket knowledge and trading skills against others and win great prizes? Then, trading contests are for you. Join a daily or weekly contest, and with dummy cash, buy and sell as many player stocks as you want, even during live matches. The players with the highest profits will win the prizes!

This is like fantasy cricket but with live trading of players during the match.

How Does a Trading Contest Work on Sportiqo?

Join the Contest
Join a trading contest by paying the contest fee. A part of the fee can be paid using your bonus balance. In some contests, you can have multiple entries.

Receive Credits
For each contest entry, you will receive ₹ 10,000 of credits. Credits can only be used for buying and selling stocks in contests. They have no real value and cannot be redeemed.

Create Stock Portfolio
With your credit balance, buy at least one player stock to create your portfolio. You can buy as many player stocks you want with your credit balance.

Buy & Sell Player Stocks
Once trading for the contest starts, you can buy/sell player seven when the match is going on. Your goal is to make the maximum profits among all the users participating in the contest.

Highest Profit Wins
At the end of the contest, users are ranked in the decreasing order of profits and prizes are distributed as per the ranks. Higher the profit*, higher the prize.

Contest Rules

What are the main rules of a fantasy trading contest? Which players can you trade? How is the winner determined? Find out in this video.

Guaranteed & Dynamic Contests

In a Guaranteed contest, the prize pool is fixed and does not depend on the number of entries. In a Dynamic contest, the prize pool depends on the number of entries. Details in video.

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