Responsible Gaming

Since we are aware every stakeholder in the iGaming industry is responsible for promoting an ethical gambling activity, we understand that our gaming software is directed to players who need to see these activities as a way of spending time in a relaxing manner.
To that end, we can provide the following recommendations for gamers:
  • Sportiqo gaming activities are supposed to be entertaining.
  • Sportiqo platform should not be considered as an easy way of making money.
  • Players should not trade for money they can’t afford losing. To avoid losing too much money, make sure your platform of choice allows you to implement responsible gaming mechanisms that permit, for example, to set the maximum amount to be placed on a bet in a certain period.
  • Check and limit your time in the online medium. How much time do you spend online on gaming websites? If you are losing every day more than a few hours online, probably it is time to take a break from this activity for a while.
  • Check and limit your online wins and losses. Since most gaming activities do contain a certain factor of randomness, players should check how much they win and how much they lose. In case they notice a negative frequency, they must decide if gaming activities are suitable for them. If they decide it is time for a break, players can use the “Self-Exclusion” option to close the account for a period (6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc.).
  • If you feel like you have a problem with online gaming, we strongly suggest you to contact a specialized group or organization that can provide the necessary support:
  • GamCare is one of the leading authorities providing counselling, advice and practical help in addressing the social impact of gambling activities in UK. They can be contacted by using their helpline: 0845 6000 133. Non-UK residents can also contact GamCare for details of International support organizations

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