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Fantasy Cricket + Live Trading = Sportiqo!

In our unique cricket stock market game, you have to create the best portfolio of
players to win daily and weekly trading leagues!

Step1: Create Portfolio

Use ₹ 10,000 dummy credits to build a portfolio of player stocks for a match.

Step 2: Buy, Sell or Hold

During the match you can buy,sell or hold player stocks to make a ‘profit’ on your dummy cash.

Step 3: Win Grand Prizes!

The traders with the highest profits at the end of the match win big prizes.

How the Sportiqo market works

Use your knowledge to pick the best performers, trade those players during the sea-son ( if you want ) and win big at the end based on your choices.

Buy Fantasy Player Stocks

Stocks represent player performance. The Stock price is a prediction of the fantasy points the player will score in a tournament. 

1 Point = 1 Rupee.

Win Money

Win money if players score more fantasy points than the price. When the tournament ends fantasy points earned are converted into rupees.

No limit on profit or loss. Play responsibly.

Buy, Sell or Hold

Trade the stocks as prices rise or fall when players star or flop – no need to wait till the end of the tournament to book profits.

Trade even during live matches!

How to install Sportiqo

Follow the steps below to install the Sportiqo app in less than a minute.


Tab "Download" to download the app


Tap "Open" to start installation


"Allow" the installation of the app

Getting early love from passionate fans

Suvigya Pareek

I dont have the time to make the teams, am happy finally there is an app where i don't have to know about all the players in the game and yet i can participate and earn money.

Krit Negi

Very unique concept. Smooth navigation from one tab to another. User-friendly interface. Easy to place buy and sell orders.

Prem Singh

Sportiqo is a very different concept of fantasy sports. No hassle to make your team and trade players in no time. So easy to make money here.

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Sportiqo FAQs

What is Sportiqo?

Sportiqo is a platform where sports fans can trade the performance of their favorite players like trading stocks. It allows fans to apply their sporting IQ and take a view on the performance of a player over the long term such as a season or even their full career.

Is it a fantasy sports platform?

Sportiqo is a fantasy sports platform with a difference – you don’t need to create a team and compete with other users. Instead, you simply buy the stock representing a player and earn points based on the player’s performance. The better the player performs the more points you earn.

How do I use Sportiqo?

The Sportiqo trading platform will be available as a mobile app both on Android and IOS.

Which sports and players will be available?

The app is live with top 60 players from India T20 league.

In addition to T20 cricket, we are planning to offer counters on other sports such as football and kabaddi starting Q3 2023.

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