World Cup 2019 Final- The Greatest Final In World Cup History

world cup 2019 final

After six weeks of breathtaking cricketing action, cricket fans couldn’t have dreamt of a more enthralling finale. The World Cup 2019 final was not just another tournament final; it was the embodiment of passion, dreams, and the indomitable spirit of the game; it was the stuff of legends.

Two of the mightiest sides in the world of cricket, England and New Zealand, squared off, not just for the title but for eternal glory. And what better place than Lord’s, the cradle of cricket, to witness this epic showdown? This wasn’t just a final; it was history in the making. An event that would be etched in the memories of millions, where heroes rose, stories unfolded, and the spirit of cricket triumphed above all.

Teams in Contention: England vs. New Zealand

world cup 2019 final
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The story of heroism and heartbreak involves two teams – the English side, carrying the weight of inventing the sport yet never winning the World Cup, and the Kiwis, perennially the ‘nice guys’ and the underdogs.

England, roaring under the leadership of Eoin Morgan, thrashed Australia by 8 wickets in the semi-finals, showcasing their might. With a side studded with stars like Jason Roy, Jos Buttler, and Jofra Archer, they looked ready to claim the throne.

The Kiwis, on the other side, were led by the calm and composed Kane Williamson. Their journey to the finals wasn’t less fascinating. New Zealand, defeating a formidable Indian side in the semi-finals by 18 runs, sent shockwaves around the cricketing world.

With players like Ross Taylor and Trent Boult, they had the ammunition to shoot down any side. The anticipation for a fierce battle in the world cup 2019 final got even more strong.

Key Moments that Defined the Match

The drama of the world cup 2019 final wasn’t just a fleeting moment; it was a slow build-up, like a symphony reaching its crescendo. The cricketing gods, it seemed, conspired to bring out the best moments the sport has ever seen.

Ben Stokes’ Unyielding Determination

Eng vs Nz World Cup 2019 final
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Enter Ben Stokes. The stage: a World Cup final, the mission: an impossible chase. The target wasn’t just the runs but years of English despair. When Stokes walked in, England’s ship was rocking at 71-3. The Kiwis were tightening the noose.

But Stokes stood tall, showing a resilience that’d be spoken about for generations. His unbeaten 84 off 98 balls wasn’t just about runs. It was about grit, determination, and defiance against all odds. Every run chiseled into history, every boundary echoing in the birthplace of cricket – Lord’s. It wasn’t just a knock; it was a testament to the human spirit and will.

Trent Boult’s Boundary Misfortune

Ben Stokes
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Over 48.4, Ben Stokes hit the ball high into the evening sky. For a brief moment, it looked like the World Cup dream for England might be over, as the ball seemed to be heading straight into the safe hands of Trent Boult, standing firm on the boundary ropes.

But as cricket’s unpredictability would have it, as Boult steadied himself for the catch, his foot touched the rope, converting what should’ve been a wicket into a crucial six for England.

In a game where every run was gold, this error was monumental. The course of the match seemed to have taken a sharp turn, and the balance tilted, albeit slightly, towards England.

The Overthrow Controversy

Overthrow runs
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Over 49.4, Stokes lashed the ball towards mid-wicket and sprinted, desperate for a couple. As he dived to make his ground, the ball thrown by Martin Guptill ricocheted off his bat and rolled away to the boundary.

Now, cricket has its fine nuances, and the rules state that the runs taken before the overthrow should be added to the boundary, making it a total of six runs. However, only the two runs taken by the batsmen should’ve been counted.

That accidental boundary swung the game even further in England’s direction, causing many to debate the ‘spirit of cricket’ in the aftermath. Nonetheless, this moment gave tons of content to content creators on social media covering the world cup 2019 final.

Super Over – Cricket’s Ultimate Showdown

Super over world cup 2019 final
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The cricket peaked here. With 2 run-outs in the last 2 balls, England finished equal the tally of 241 runs, and the game was pushed into a super over. The stage was set. The lights shimmered across the ground, and the crowd’s roars echoed in the ears of every player.

It was the Super Over, cricket’s ultimate showdown. For the World Cup 2019 final match, fans simply couldn’t have asked for more.

England nominated all-blazing Stokes and Buttler to do the show. The duo posted 14 runs on the board, facing some fierce deliveries from Boult, and managed only two boundaries in their super over. New Zealand’s target was 15 runs. That looked achievable.

Jofra Archer, young and fiery, held the weight of the English hopes as he ran in. Martin Guptill faced the first ball, wide, not an ideal start. He will bowl that gain, this time Yorker, slashing it through covers for two.
Next up was James Neesham, who took a deep breath and dispatched Archer’s yorker over the mid-wicket for a soaring six. The pressure on Archer was palpable; a bead of sweat ran down his forehead. Yet, he rallied, managing to bowl a dot, but then was elegantly driven by Neesham for two.

With 3 runs needed off the last two balls, Neesham managed a single. The last ball, 2 required off the ultimate delivery of the super over, saw Guptill sprinting for a desperate second run. The throw from deep reached Buttler, and before you knew it, Guptill was run out!

The raw emotions displayed by players on both sides were unparalleled. England, though jubilant, knew the narrowness of their victory, and New Zealand, gracious in defeat, etched a story of courage and tenacity. This wasn’t just cricket; it was poetry in motion, narrated not by words but by every thud of the ball and swish of the bat.

The Heartbreak and the Jubilation

Post-match celebrations of World Cup 2019 final
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Cricket isn’t just a game; it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. On one side, the Kiwis. They fought, they strived, and they conquered many a challenge, but that final summit remained elusive. Faces painted with disbelief and despair, yet they carried themselves with remarkable grace. Kane Williamson, ever the gentleman, led his team in acknowledging the crowd, their chin up, defining sportsmanship.

On the other side, the Brits, jubilation written all over them. From the balcony of Lord’s, the echoes of their joyous roars reverberated. Eoin Morgan lifting the trophy, the Three Lions finally roaring in their own den. A dream, decades in the making, realized. The cricketing world will reminisce about this duel for ages.


The world cup 2019 final wasn’t just another final match; it was an epoch in cricket’s rich tapestry. In a game where both teams refused to give an inch, they produced a spectacle that transcended boundaries and resonated with every beating heart.

It wasn’t about who won or lost. It was about the spirit of cricket, standing tall and proud. England and New Zealand, in their relentless pursuit of glory, gave the world a match to cherish. A tip of the hat to both teams for an encounter that will echo through the ages.

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