Most Expensive Players In PSL 2023

Most expensive player in PSL 2023

Are you curious to know about the most expensive player in the Pakistan Super League season 8? Is it Shaheen Shah Afridi? Babar Azam? Shadab Khan? Or someone else? Is it a local player or an overseas one? No need to bang your head further as you will get the answer to all these questions here.

All the players in the Pakistan Super League are divided into 6 different categories. Unlike IPL, where franchises bid amounts to buy players, PSL management decides the salaries of the players before the draft. The salaries of the players are decided on the basis of categories assigned to them.

Let’s take a look at the salaries of all the players in the PSL 2023.


  • Platinum Category


The platinum category is the highest-paying category in the Pakistan Super League. The Platinum category in PSL 8 has 14 players in it. 6 of them will be paid $170,000, 3 will be paid $150,000, and the remaining 5 will be paid $130,000. Here’s the complete list of the salaries of all the players in this category:

PlayerTeamSalary (USD)Salary (PKR)
Alex HalesIslamabad United170,00040,800,000
Shadab KhanIslamabad United170,00040,800,000
Babar AzamPeshawar Zalmi170,00036,000,000
Fakhar ZamanLahore Qalandars170,00031,200,000
Imran TahirKarachi Kings170,00040,800,000
Shaheen Shah AfridiLahore Qalandars150,00036,000,000
Rashid KhanLahore Qalandars150,00036,000,000
Rahmanullah GarbazIslamabad United130,00040,800,000
Haider AliKarachi Kings130,00040,800,000
Mathew WadeKarachi Kings130,00040,800,000
Muhammad RizwanMultan Sultans130,00031,200,000
Bhanuka RajapaksaPeshawar Zalmi130,00031,200,000
David MIllerMultan Sultans130,00031,200,000
Naseem ShahQuetta Gladiators130,00031,200,000


  • Diamond Category


The Diamond category is the second-highest-paying category in the league. This category has 17 players in PSL 2023. 9 out of those 17 will be paid $85,000, and the other 8 will get $60,000. Let’s take a look at the complete list:

PlayerTeamSalary (USD)Salary (PKR)
Asif AliIslamabad United85,00020,400,000
Muhammad Wasim JnrIslamabad United85,00020,400,000
James VinceKarachi Kings85,00020,400,000
James FullerKarachi Kings85,00020,400,000
David WieseLahore Qalandars85,00020,400,000
Haris RaufLahore Qalanars85,00020,400,000
Sherfane RutherfordPeshawar Zalmi85,00020,400,000
Wahab RiazPeshawar Zalmi85,00020,400,000
Iftikhar AhmadQuetta Gladiators85,00020,400,000
Jason RoyQuetta Gladiators60,00014,400,000
Odean SmithQuetta Gladiators60,00014,400,000
Shan MasoodMultan Sultans60,00014,400,000
Rillee RossowMultan Sultans60,00014,400,000
Khushdil ShahMultan Sultans60,00014,400,000
Fazal Haq FarooqiIslamabad United60,00014,400,000
Imad WasimKarachi Kings60,00014,400,000
Hussain TalatLahore Qalandars60,00014,400,000


  • Gold Category


The gold category players will be paid between $40,000 and $50,000 in PSL 2023. Out of the 19 players in it, 11 will get $50,000, one will get $45,000, and the other 7 will get $40,000. Here are the details of all the players in the gold category:

PlayerTeamSalary (USD)Salary (PKR)
Ahsan AliQuetta Gladiators50,00012,000,000
Sarfaraz AhmadQuetta Gladiators50,00012,000,000
Muhammad HasnainQuetta Gladiators50,00012,000,000
Muhammad HarisPeshawar Zalmi50,00012,000,000
Tim DavidMultan Sultans50,00012,000,000
Sikandar RazaLahore Qalandars50,00012,000,000
Liam DawsonLahore Qalandars50,00012,000,000
Muhammad AmirKarachi Kings50,00012,000,000
Ravi BoparaKarachi Kings50,00012,000,000
Faheem AshrafIslamabad United50,00012,000,000
Hasan AliIslamabad United50,00012,000,000
Abdullah ShafiqLahore Qalandars45,00010,800,000
Arshad IqbalPeshawar Zalmi40,0009,600,000
Danish AzizPeshawar Zalmi40,0009,600,000
Akeal HosainMultan Sultans40,0009,600,000
Shahnawaz DhaniMultan Sultans40,0009,600,000
Shoaib MalikKarachi Kings40,0009,600,000
Andrew TyeKarachi Kings40,0009,600,000
Azam KhanIslamabad United40,0009,600,000


  • Supplementary Category


The supplementary category consists of players who are partially available for the tournament. The players in this category receive different salaries with an upper limit of $50,000. Let’s take a look at the included players in this category and their salaries:

PlayerTeamSalary (USD)
Moeen AliIslamabad United50,000
Mubasir KhanIslamabad United50,000
Tabraiz ShamsiKarachi Kings50,000
Muhammad UmarKarachi Kings50,000
Jordan CoxLahore Qalandars50,000
Jalat KhanLahore Qalandars50,000
Jimmy NeeshamPeshawar Zalmi50,000
Omair Bin YousufQuetta Gladiators50,000
Martin GuptilQuetta Gladiators50,000
Arafat MinhasMultan Sultans50,000
Adil RashidMultan Sultans50,000


  • Silver Category


The silver category players will be paid $25,000 for the season. Here’s the list of all the silver category players in PSL 2023:

PlayerTeamSalary (USD)
Paul StirlingIslamabad United25,000
Colin MunroIslamabad United25,000
Sohaib MaqsoodIslamabad United25,000
Rumman RaeesIslamabad United25,000
Abrar AhmadIslamabad United25,000
Sharjeel KhanKarachi Kings25,000
Tayyab TahirKarachi Kings25,000
M. AhlaqKarachi Kings25,000
Aamer YaminKarachi Kings25,000
Mir HamzaKarachi Kings25,000
Kamran GhulamLahore Qalandars25,000
Mirza Tahir BaigLahore Qalandars25,000
Harry BrookLahore Qalandars25,000
Dilbar HussainLahore Qalandars25,000
Ahmad DaniyalLahore Qalandars25,000
Saim AyubPeshawar Zalmi25,000
Tom-Kohler CadmorePeshawar Zalmi25,000
Amir JamalPeshawar Zalmi25,000
Salman IrshadPeshawar Zalmi25,000
Usamn QadirPeshawar Zalmi25,000
Will SmeadQuetta Gladiators25,000
Umar AkmalQuetta Gladiators25,000
Naveen Ul HaqQuetta Gladiators25,000
Umaid AsifQuetta Gladiators25,000
Muhammad AsifQuetta Gladiators25,000
Muhammad SarwarMultan Sultans25,000
Usman KhanMultan Sultans25,000
Anwar AliMultan Sultans25,000
Sameen GulMultan Sultans25,000
Usama MirMultan Sultans25,000


  • Emerging Category


This category is for the local young players who are seen as the future stars of the country. The purpose of creating this category is to provide more chances to youngsters. Each player in the emerging category is paid $7500. Underlying is the list of all the players included in this list for PSL 2023:

PlayerTeamSalary (USD)
Hasan NawazIslamabad United7500$
Zeeshan ZamirIslamabad United7500$
Irfan Khan NiaziKarachi Kings7500$
Qasim AkramKarachi Kings7500$
Zaman KhanLahore Qalandars7500$
Shawaiz IrfanLahore Qalandars7500$
Haseeb ullahPeshawar Zalmi7500$
Sufiyan MuqeemPeshawar Zalmi7500$
Aimal KhanQuetta Gladiators7500$
Abdul Wahid BangalzaiQuetta Gladiators7500$
IhsanUllahMultan Sultans7500$
Abbas AfridiMultan Sultans7500$



Highest Paid PSL Players


In IPL, there’s only one highest-paid player who receives the highest bid in the auction. But it doesn’t work like that in the PSL. In this league, players are paid according to their category. The platinum category players are paid the highest. The 5 highest paid players in PSL 2023 are Babar Azam, Alex Hales, Shadab Khan, Imran Tahir, and Fakhar Zaman. All of them will be paid $170,000 each.


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