ICC Cricket World Cup Winners List – From 1975 To 2023

ICC Cricket World Cup Winners List

The Cricket World Cup: a stage like no other. Every player aspires to be in the World Cup team. Every team aspired to win it for their country. It’s not just about the trophy. It’s about the legacy. About etching names in golden letters.

Since its inception in 1975, the World Cup has grown exponentially. From modest beginnings to the grand spectacle we know today, it has been a riveting journey. A tournament that has witnessed monumental performances and heartbreaks.

Eight World Cups have passed since then. Each has a unique story. But how did it all start? Let’s embark on a journey and go through the ICC Cricket World Cup Winners List from the very beginning.

Chronological List of ICC Cricket World Cup Winners

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Every tournament, every final, has a story. A story of struggle, dominance, and unparalleled glory. Let’s walk through time.

1. 1975: The West Indies’ Triumph

England, 1975. The inaugural World Cup. The birth of a legacy. Eight teams, one dream. The final: West Indies vs. Australia. Lord’s, the birthplace of cricket, was the venue. The West Indies, led by Clive Lloyd, batted first. Lloyd’s iconic 102 set the tone. 291 runs on the board. Australia fought back but fell short.

They ended at 274. The West Indies, majestic and dominant, became the first World Cup champions. They had set the standard, and the ICC Cricket World Cup Winners List had its first name on it.

 ICC World Cup trophy
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2. 1979: West Indies’ Consecutive Glory

England, again. Four years later, but the same Caribbean dominance. The final? Lord’s awaited England vs. West Indies. West Indies had the fire. Vivian Richards, the genius. His explosive 138* was the highlight. The Caribbeans posted 286/9. England, in response, felt the heat. They couldn’t match the intensity and were all out for 194. The West Indies, with back-to-back titles, set the bar high for the future.

First World Cup Final
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3. 1983: India’s Breakthrough Moment

England, 1983. A World Cup with rising expectations. The usual suspects, the West Indies, were dominant. But this year had a twist. India, the underdogs, had something special brewing. Throughout the tournament, they showed tenacity. Beating the best, they marched to the final. Lord’s witnessed a classic. West Indies vs. India.

No one saw it coming. India, with a modest 183, set the stage. The Windies, confident, started their chase. Enter, Indian bowlers. Kapil Dev, with his leadership, rallied the troops. They bundled out the mighty Caribbean side for 140 runs. India: World champions. A new cricketing giant was born.

Kapil Dev lifting India’s maiden World Cup trophy
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4. 1987: Australia’s Ascendancy

India and Pakistan, 1987. A World Cup in the sub-continent. The pitches, the atmosphere, everything was different. New contenders emerged. Australia stood tall. Their cricket was aggressive and dominant.

The final in Kolkata was electric. Australia and England, arch-rivals, locked horns. Australia batted first. David Boon’s magnificent 75 led them to 253/5. England tried, but the Aussies’ bowling prowess shone. England fell short by 7 runs. Australia, for the first time, tasted World Cup glory.

Australia’s inaugural World Cup win
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5. 1992: Pakistan’s Unpredictable Triumph

Australia and New Zealand, 1992. This World Cup had it all. Day-night matches, rain rules, colored uniforms, and the iconic ‘cornered tigers’ jersey of Pakistan. Struggling initially, Pakistan found their groove. Led by Imran Khan, they reached the final. Pakistan vs. England. The MCG was packed.

Pakistan posted a competitive 249/6, with Imran Khan’s valuable 72. In reply, England wobbled. Pakistan’s bowlers, especially Wasim Akram, Sultan of Swing, were exceptional. England managed 227. Pakistan, against all odds, were the champions.

Imran Khan lifting World Cup trophy
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6. 1996: Sri Lanka’s Dream Run

Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka, 1996. The World Cup returned to the subcontinent. But one team, Sri Lanka, emerged as the dominant one. Their aggressive brand of cricket amazed everyone. The final was set. Australia vs. Sri Lanka.

Lahore lit up. Aravinda de Silva’s masterclass, a brilliant century, took Sri Lanka to a commanding 245/3. Australia, in their chase, faced the Lankan spin challenge and stumbled. Falling short by 7 runs, they witnessed Sri Lanka’s first World Cup win. The then prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, handed the golden trophy to Ranatunga, Srilankan Skipper.

Ranatunga receiving the World Cup trophy from Benazir Bhutto
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7. 1999: Australia’s Ascent to Glory

England, once again, played host in 1999. This World Cup was a mix of the unpredictable and the expected. Rain, dramatic ties, and unforgettable matches defined the tournament. The final, set at Lord’s, witnessed Australia taking on Pakistan.

A formidable Pakistani lineup was expected to give a tough fight. But it was Australia’s day. With McGrath leading the attack, Pakistan crumbled for a mere 132. The chase was smooth. Australia’s openers ensured that.

A comprehensive victory by 8 wickets made Australia the World Cup champions. Their dominance had just begun. Who knew that this brave side would continue to engrave their name three consecutive times in the ICC Cricket World Cup Winners List beginning from that year?

Steve Waugh lifting the trophy
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8. 2003: Australia’s Unstoppable March

Fast forward to 2003. South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya co-hosted the World Cup. The tournament saw several underdog victories, but Australia remained invincible. In the final at Johannesburg, they met India, another strong contender.

The Indian bowlers faced the wrath of Ricky Ponting’s masterclass of 140*. Australia set a daunting target of 359. India’s chase never truly began. Restrained to 234, India saw Australia lift the cup yet again, cementing their era of dominance.

Australia’s victorious 2003 squad
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9. 2007: The Caribbean Carnival

West Indies, the cricketing paradise, played host in 2007. The tournament was a mosaic of vibrant cultures, upsets, and thrilling encounters. The final at Barbados was set against Australia and Sri Lanka. With rain, twilight, and Duckworth-Lewis in play, it was unpredictable.

Adam Gilchrist stole the limelight. His explosive 149 off 104 balls was a sight to behold. As he took a knee and smacked the ball, commentators exclaimed, “Gilly’s on fire today!” Sri Lanka’s brave chase under fading light wasn’t enough. Australia clinched their third consecutive title, but it was the spirit of the Caribbean that won hearts.

Australian team posing with World Cup trophy
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10. 2011: India’s Dream Homecoming

The subcontinent hosted in 2011, invoking memories, emotions, and soaring cricketing temperatures. The final at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium was nothing short of epic. India versus Sri Lanka. Jayawardene’s century for Sri Lanka set India a target of 275.

As the chase began, pressure mounted. Gautam Gambhir’s 97 anchored India, but it was MS Dhoni’s entrance that turned heads. With a bat swing that sent the ball into the stands, the commentator roared, “Dhoni finishes off in style! India lift the World Cup after 28 years!” Tears, cheers, and a sea of blue celebrated India’s crowning moment.

India lifting their second World Cup trophy
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11. 2015: Australia’s Triumph on Home Soil

The 2015 World Cup was co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The tournament brought with it passion, unparalleled cricketing prowess, and iconic moments etched in fans’ memories. The MCG hosted the final between Australia and New Zealand, the co-hosts.

New Zealand, after a dream run, stumbled. They managed only 183. As Michael Clarke played his last ODI, scoring a noteworthy 74, the air was thick with emotion. When James Faulkner hit the winning runs, the roar was deafening. The commentator’s voice echoed, “Australia, on top of the world yet again!”

Australian team rejoicing.
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12. 2019: A Final for the Ages

The world’s gaze was fixed on England in 2019, the birthplace of cricket, awaiting a spectacular World Cup. The tournament’s fervor, surprises, and the weight of dreams reached its zenith at the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground. England and New Zealand clashed in a final that defied all logic.

New Zealand posted a challenging 241. England’s chase was drama incarnate. Each run, each wicket resonated with centuries of cricketing history. With scores tied, the game spiraled into a super over, a first for World Cup finals. The atmosphere was electric. “It’s down to the wire,” echoed across screens globally.

In that fateful super over, both teams posted 15 runs. Yet, by the slimmest margin of boundaries scored, England emerged victorious. The image of a disheartened New Zealand and an ecstatic England, celebrating amidst the hallowed greens of Lord’s, was poignant. It wasn’t just a win. It was destiny, met after years of anticipation and heartbreak.

Team England celebrating their maiden World Cup
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The ICC Cricket World Cup is not merely a series of matches; it’s a legacy, a journey through time. The chronicle of champions, from the West Indies’ inaugural triumph to the thrilling face-offs in recent editions, is etched in the annals of history.

The above ICC Cricket World Cup Winners List serves as a testament to the spirit, passion, and evolving tapestry of this revered sport. Each edition, with its highs and lows, heroes and heartbreaks, crafts a narrative that unites millions, making cricket more than just a game. It’s a global emotion, a spectacle to behold and cherish.

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