Fastest 3000 Runs in ODI Cricket By A Batter

fastest 3000 runs in odi

Accumulating runs in cricket stands out as one of the most thrilling experiences for a batter. Beyond merely contributing to the team's score, it serves as a showcase of the player's skill, technique, and mental fortitude. In the fast-paced world of One Day Internationals, the tempo is often intense, and scoring runs becomes a genuine test of a batter's capabilities.

Setting records in this format, mainly being among the first to achieve specific milestones, brings a sense of great pride and accomplishment. Numerous cricketers have marked an enduring impact in the pursuit of scoring the fastest 3000 runs in the ODI. This accomplishment is not only a testament to consistency in this format of game.

Here, we will delve into the list of the top 5 batters to achieve this milestone.

Fastest 3000 runs in ODI

The top 5 batters to score the fastest 3000 runs are as follows:

HM AmlaSouth Africa572012
SD HopeWest Indies672019
Fakhar ZamanPakistan672023
Babar AzamPakistan682019

1. Hashim Amla

The fastest 3000 runs in ODI- Hashim Amla
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The veteran South Africa’s opening batter, Hashim Amla, is the first player to score the fastest 3000 runs in One Day International cricket. It took him just 57 innings to achieve this remarkable milestone. He was considered the backbone of the Protease batting.

Amla made his international debut against Bangladesh in 2008. The South African maestro has also achieved the milestones of 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 runs before anyone else.

While maintaining an average of over 50 in ODI cricket for an extended period, his performance saw a decline in 2018 and 2019. Hashim Amla scored 8113 runs at an average of 49.47 in his ODI career. He amassed 27 tons and 39 half-tons in his 181 appearances for South Africa.

2. Shai Hope

The fastest 3000 runs in ODI - Shai Hope
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The West Indies opening batter, Shai Hope, secured the second spot on the list of the batters with the fastest 3000 runs in ODI. He achieved this milestone in the ODI series against India in 2019. He scored 42 runs in that match in Cuttack and became the second-fastest batter to reach 3000 runs.

Hope took just 67 innings to achieve this feat in ODIs. Shai Hope has been a consistent presence in the West Indies' 50-over lineup since 2016. He steadily climbed the height of his batting prowess by continuously accumulating runs.

He has played 119 matches and scored 4,940 runs at an average of 50. Hope’s career includes 24 half-centuries and 15 centuries so far.

3. Fakhar Zaman

The fastest 3000 runs in ODI - Fakhar Zaman
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Fakhar Zaman shares the third position on this list. He made his ODI debut for Pakistan in the 2017 Champions Trophy.  He attained the milestone of the fastest 3000 runs against New Zealand in 2023.

Fakhar reached this feat in 67 innings and became 1st Pakistan batter to achieve this milestone. He is also the fastest Asian player to score 3000 runs in One Day Internationals.

He has played 82 matches for the Green Shirts and scored 3492 runs at an average of 46.6. Fakhar has amassed 11 centuries and 16 fifties in his career.

4. Imam ul Haq

The fastest 3000 runs in ODI - Imam ul Haq
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Pakistan's opening batsman, Imam-ul-Haq, crossed the 3000-run mark in ODIs. He reached this feat during the ICC World Cup 2023 match against Sri Lanka at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium Hyderabad. Achieving this milestone in 67 innings, he outpaced his teammate Babar Azam, who took 68 innings to reach the same feat.

The 27-year-old Imam-ul-Haq now shares the distinction of being the second joint-fastest batsman to reach 3000 runs, matching the achievement of Fakhar Zaman and Shai Hope.

Imam ul Haq has represented Pakistan in 72 One Day International matches. He has scored 3138 runs at an average of 48. He has smashed 9 centuries and 20 fifties so far.

5. Babar Azam

The fastest 3000 runs in ODI - Babar Azam
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Babar Azam made his international debut against Zimbabwe in 2015. It took him 4 years to achieve the milestone of the fastest 3000 runs in ODI format. Pakistan’s sensation crossed the 3000-run mark against New Zealand in 2019. He became the second Asian player after Fakhar Zaman to achieve this feat in 68 innings.

The batting superstar has elevated Pakistan cricket to new heights. With his batting skills and expertise, he has transformed the team into a formidable and competitive side. Babar has an average of 56 in his 117 matches and has scored 5,729 runs. He has 19 tons and 32 half-tons in his career.

Sum Up

In the cricket world, new records are made constantly, and new legends emerge. A particularly remarkable milestone is the pursuit of the fastest 3000 runs in ODI. The legendary South African batter Hashim Amla tops the list by securing this landmark in just 57 innings.

Shai Hope, Fakhar Zaman, and Imam ul Haq crossed the 3,000 mark in 67 innings. However, Babar Azam took 68 innings to accomplish it. Among the top 5 batters in the list, 3 are from Pakistan and 1 from South Africa and the West Indies.

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