All You Need to Know About the Impact Player Rule in the IPL

Impact Player rule

Have you heard about the impact player rule in the upcoming IPL and are baffled by this concept? Well, you are not the only one who is struggling to understand and interpret this innovative rule. Cricket fans all around the globe are trying to figure out what it is and how does it work.

No need to bang your head further, as we will clear all your confusion in this regard. When you get to the end of this article, you will know each and everything about the IPL impact player rule.

So, let’s get started.


What Is IPL Impact Rule and How Will It Work?


If you follow other sports apart from cricket, you must know that a substitute player can get into the action and participate like a regular player. The theory behind the impact player rule in IPL is pretty similar. Before the start of a match, a team has to name four substitutes along with the playing XI. Out of the four substitutes, only one can play as an impact player.

The impact player can either bat or bowl like a regular player. But that player will come into the playing XI as the replacement of one of the players in the first-choice XI.


How Does It Work With A Bowling Team?


The bowling team can introduce their impact player by bringing them in as a replacement for any of the blokes on the field. The interesting part is that the number of overs bowled by the replaced players has no effect on the Impact Player’s eligibility to bowl, as they can still bowl their full quota of overs.

Let’s understand it with an example. Imagine if a new ball specialist like Trent Boult starts in the powerplay and delivers 3 or 4 overs on the trot. Now, if Boult’s team needs a spinner in middle overs or a death overs specialist in the slog overs, they can simply call one from the four substitutes. Boult will be replaced by the Impact Player, who can now bowl his own quota of 4 overs.


How Does It Work With A Batting Team?


A batting team can call their Impact Player either before the start of the innings or after the fall of a wicket. The incoming player will replace the batter who has already been dismissed or has retired. But, it doesn’t allow more than 11 players to take part in a batting innings.

Imagine if a team asks its Impact Player to bat at #5, and the player replaced by him has already batted. Now, one of the remaining batters, likely a bowler, will not bat. However, the player who is chosen not to feature with the bat can still contribute with the ball in hand.


What About the Player Who the Impact Player Will Replace?


The replaced player will not be able to take any further part in the game. They can’t bat, can’t bowl, and can’t even field after getting replaced. But, their contribution with the bat, ball, or in the field before the replacement stays as it is.


Can An Overseas Player be an Impact Player?


Yes, but only if the number of overseas players in the playing XI is less than four. If a team takes the field with four overseas players, then only an Indian player can come into the side as an Impact Player. It is done to limit the number of overseas players in a team’s outing to four. BCCI has always remained steadfast with this policy, and they have decided not to trigger it.


When Can An Impact Player Join the Action?


An Impact Player can be brought in before the start of an innings, after the completion of an over, or when a batsman departs to the pavilion (gets out or retires). Moreover, the bowling team can also draft in the Impact player in between an over. But the incoming player won’t be allowed to bowl the rest of the over.


Is This Rule Applicable In A Shortened Game?


Absolutely yes. If a game is reduced to less than 20 overs due to rain or some other reason, the Impact Player can still participate the same way. Suppose that if a match is reduced to 10 overs per team, the Impact Player can come in and deliver upto 2 overs during the bowling innings.

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