IPL 2024 rules: Impact player, toss, wides, and no-ball and More

Introducing the Innovations of IPL 2024

BCCI introduces IPL 2024 rule changes including Impact Player, toss protocol, wides, and no-balls for excitement

Impact Player rule

Impact Player rule allows mid-match substitutions, chosen from 5 designated substitutes

Declaration of Playing 11s Post Toss

Captains announce playing 11 and four substitutes, adapting lineups based on batting or bowling needs

Review Wides and No-balls

DRS expanded to review wides, no-balls, offering captains strategic advantage in tight encounters

Penalties for Slow Over Rates

 Teams must bowl 20th over within 90 minutes, failure incurs outfield restrictions, enhancing fielding penalties

Punishment for Unfair Fielding

Unfair fielding movement before delivery incurs 5-run penalty and dead ball declaration against fielding side

Impact substitute in IPL 2024?

Impact players substitute initial 11 during inning in IPL matches

How many Impact players can be utilized

Out of the 5 named substitutes, each team can deploy a maximum of 1 Impact Player during a match