Big Blow for CSK, Matheesha Pathirana's Injury Concern Ahead of IPL 2024

Major Blow for CSK

CSK faces a challenge as star pacer Matheesha Pathirana suffers a hamstring injury pre-IPL 2024.

Injury Details

Pathirana's Grade 1 hamstring injury on his left leg worries defending champions ahead of IPL.

Significant Loss for CSK

Pathirana's absence, crucial to CSK's 2023 title with 19 wickets, poses a severe setback.

Kohli's Love for IPL

Kohli praises IPL for fostering camaraderie and diverse interactions among players before the season.

Beauty of the IPL

Kohli values IPL's dynamics: frequent team meetings, varied conditions, and memorable moments creation.

IPL vs. ICC Tournaments

IPL enhances appeal with frequent team engagements, unlike minimal interactions in ICC tournaments