Rashid Khan out of T20 series

Rashid Khan out of T20 series against India because of back injury.

Injury and Surgery

Rashid Khan's November injury needed surgery, extending his recovery beyond expectations.

Travelling for Rehab

Khan, unfit for play, joins team for ongoing rehab during matches

Impact on Afghanistan's Team

Captain Zadran admits Khan's absence, crucial for experience, poses a significant challenge for team.

Khan's T20 Legacy

At 25, Rashid Khan hailed as a top Afghan T20 player, IPL regular since 2017.

Preparation for Challenges

Zadran stresses team's need to adapt, prepare for challenges without Khan

Series Schedule

Afghanistan is scheduled to play three T20 matches against India from January 11 to 17.

Withdrawal from Leagues

Post-injury, Khan withdrew from T20 franchise leagues in Australia and South Africa.